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Wave of Light 2021: My Thoughts

Pregnancy and baby loss awareness are tough subjects to talk about for some people. I understand why, and the Wave of Light can be triggering, too. When it comes to loss, there are no rights and wrongs, no sides…

Parenting Through My Eyes

Parents: please consider yourselves too

Reflecting after two days spent at Legoland, it struck me that many parents focus entirely on their children, neglecting themselves in the process. Of course, your children are the most important people in your lives, but you matter, too.  …

lessons to be learnt
Articles Through My Eyes

Lessons to be learnt from Euro 2020

I can’t sit still while I’m watching football on the TV – this is yet another reason why my best friend believes I have ADHD; I struggle to switch off. Instead of focusing entirely on the match, I’m sitting…