Sensory Stories

Sensory stories offer the opportunity for people, of all ages and abilities, to be fully immersed in a story or situation through the use of their senses.

This section of the website will offer a variety of sensory stories, largely aimed at school-aged learners with complex needs. Some will be free and some will be available for a small amount.

Footprints in sand

Why sensory stories?

Take the footprints in the sand above. Most of you will have already experienced this, probably from a young age. You will know the sensation of dry sand moving to wet. The feel of the sand drying between your toes. The pain from any sharp shells or stones you may stand on. You may also be able to smell the salty water, the seaweed, even the fish and chips being sold from a beach hut-type structure not far away. The seagulls screeching, the waves splashing and the children giggling may all spring to mind. Finally, the strength of the salty water may taste overpowering as you paddle in the shallow sea and splash your friends and family members.

Almost all experiences feature the five senses. Not everyone can readily experience these things. Sensory stories offer the opportunity to bring things to life for all.

How can I use them?

Sensory stories are versatile and can be adapted according to the individual needs of the people you are using them with. However, you will find a suggested guide with some adaptations within the sensory stories once you download or buy them. You will receive a list of suggested items to use as props, although you are free to make up your own ideas – after all, you know the people you are working with much better than I do! Once you have everything you need, give it a go. If it doesn’t work in the way that you want, tweak and utilise other resources, making it bespoke.

Remember that just like I would enjoy watching Grease in the theatre and my husband wouldn’t, our learners have things that interest them and things that don’t. If something doesn’t appeal, without giving up straight away, you may wish to consider a different theme.

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