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Perfect Christmas Gifts For A Tween Girl

Looking for the right Christmas gifts for a tween girl (MY tween girl!) has exhausted me. Honestly, I am worn out.

I figured that if I’ve struggled this much, it is probably worth sharing my suggestions with everyone else and then hopefully you will be far more energised than me!

If your daughter (or relative or family friend) is anything like mine, she will be at that age where she no longer writes a detailed Christmas list – those were really helpful, if not very expensive – and she will give little away as to what she actually wants. My daughter’s birthday is in October, so not far from Christmas and so often, she will have received the gifts I wanted to get her already!

However, on I searched, and here are a few of the items I found… and I hope she will love!

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As a fellow stationery addict, I can vouch for being so so similar to my daughter at this age. I still am. I adore notebooks, pens, pencils and quirky desk organisers. Ok, so the notebooks might actually not be used for a while, but they are great to look at. There’s something so special about the first words you write in a new book. That’s why I used to rush through my school books, I think, even though those books are really rather dull!

Stationery – my first true love

This A5 Notebook with Pen Loop is gorgeous and comes in a wide range of colours. I may have invested in a couple – after all, not every day is a purple day or a teal day. This gives a girl options! The colourful cover is made from leather and the pages are sustainably sourced, which can be a big deal for many of our environmentally-conscious children.

And what’s a notebook without the perfect pen to use to adorn the glorious pages? Well, I chose this Stress Relieving Magnetic Pen for my tween because as well as it being something to write with, it also has additional properties. It looks quite simple and stylish, and it can be dissembled to create your own vision. Perfect for reducing anxiety levels in high-stress situations. With her SATs coming up in a few months, this should certainly help.

Finally, a “desk tidy” is another option. While I know for a fact that the surface of the desk will remain as cluttered as my own (I desperately need to declutter ASAP!), it’s the thought that counts, right? I certainly am nowhere near living a minimalistic life! My tween likes quirky items and this one certainly ticks that box. It’s a Vintage Typewriter Desk Tidy – it looks unusual but should serve a purpose too, fingers crossed.

I couldn’t write this without linking to the desk tidy I recently bought myself. This Retro Cassette Tape Desk Tidy suits me perfectly… and is ideal for keeping everything together ready for my tuition sessions. I might invest in a second for my desk at school, too!


Many tweens have just started to find their own taste in fashion, developing their own style through trial and error, no longer requiring the support of a parent to say whether something matches. Mismatched is apparently on trend, anyway! So, clothing might seem a bit risky and not usually part of the list of Christmas gifts for a tween girl, but I have stuck to ‘safe’ items – at least, I think they’re safe. Wish me luck!

Might we need a bigger wardrobe?
Cropped Hoodies/Jumpers

While this is a Women’s Cropped Hoodie, I have found that an XS is perfect for my tween. Actually, this allows me a wider number of items to choose from for her. This particular cropped hoodie comes in a variety of colours. It’s a reasonably priced item, too.

My daughter is a big fan of the Hype cropped hoodies too. They have a wide range and often have 50% off offers, so keep an eye on the website regularly.

New Look is another favourite of my daughter’s. The cropped jumpers here are lovely, too. Good quality and reasonably priced, I hope they’re a winner!


Cold shoulder tops are a massive hit with my tween. I love this one and bought it in black and khaki. The white is gorgeous, as well, but I doubt it would stay very white with my washing skills!

I know this is all about Christmas gifts for a tween girl, but I don’t just buy clothing for the winter months. To be honest, she prefers to dress with summer tops all year round and just add layers. This Dandelion T-shirt is stunning and in tie-dye colours, it looks a bit more interesting than all one colour.


If you are undecided about what to buy or simply don’t trust your own judgement, a voucher might be the best way of doing it. You could either let your tween lose in the shops or make a day of it along with a nice hot chocolate and cake pit stop or some lunch. I’ve gone for a New Look voucher as that seems to be her favourite store, along with H&M right now. You can choose to have it delivered by post or via email. As my daughter doesn’t really access her emails regularly and I wanted to have something physical to open, I went with the postal option, which comes in denominations of £25 and £40.

Bedroom Accessories

The older they get, the more time they seem to spend in their bedrooms. As a result, I wanted to help my tween like her room a little more. She has the smallest room in the house (her choice) and it is rather cramped. While I can’t buy her any furniture, something to adorn the walls is a must.

I wish her bedroom were as tidy as this!

I love this Heart Neon Light. It’s battery powered, so easy to change them when they run out and you don’t have to worry about trailing a cable to the socket – her room seems to have them placed in the least convenient areas!

This My Happy Place Light was a close second when I was choosing. Things can get a bit too much emotionally for our youngsters, especially at this age, and her room is her happy place, her safe place. She has a television in there and recently got a phone, so she can chat to her friends. Spending time alone, especially when you have up to five siblings in the house, is so important.

Even though she is getting older, she does still like some of the things she has liked for a while, butterflies included. So, I found this Catherine Lansfield Bedding from Dunelm. Isn’t it gorgeous? I hope she will love it as much as I do! I was also tempted by this Charlotte Andersen Bedding, too. I’m not 100% convinced that the lighter colour will wash up as well in our household!

Though she doesn’t understand all about crystals, she finds them beautiful and last year, she chose a gorgeous Pentagram Shelf to display some of hers. I have the same one, actually, and to think that she actively chose something I have was lovely… maybe I’m not such an antique after all. I’ve bought her these Heart Shaped Crystals to go onto the shelf as her collection is rather small right now.

Do the perfect Christmas gifts for a tween girl actually exist? Probably not! But these are some that I just know will hit the spot with my daughter… right now, at least. Hopefully, these ideas will be useful to someone.

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