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day 3 may hem
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Day 3 of May-Hem: Comparisons

Well, it’s day 3 of my self-inflicted (yes, you read it right!) May-Hem challenge and I’m going to be focusing on comparisons today. I think it’s pretty natural to compare yourself to others at times, but it’s not always…

Day 2 of May-Hem
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Day 2 of May-Hem: Giving Thanks

It’s Day 2 of my self-created May-Hem challenge, and today I’m going to be focusing on giving thanks. I’ve chosen this topic as yesterday, I got a little upset and felt unappreciated. “Showing gratitude is one of the simplest…

Every (Great) Teacher
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Top 4 Skills Every (Great) Teacher Should Have

The difference between an ordinary teacher and an extraordinary one is in the latter’s ability to impact learners positively, and there are four distinct skills that every great teacher should have.   In students’ eyes, a teacher is that person apart from…