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Long time, no see…

Long time, no see...

Oh my goodness! To say that the past few months have been busy would be a complete understatement. I am in absolute awe of anyone who has managed to stay afloat this whole time. 

Teaching my students from home, teaching my children from home, tutoring via Zoom, writing, doing work towards my courses and fitting in food and sleep – it all felt impossible at times. Even thinking back to last week, it doesn’t seem possible that we achieved what we did.  

I feel as though I have abandoned my websites altogether, but I had to prioritise and the above things definitely came first. 

However, I will be back up and running properly soon. It is now the summer holidays and I am planning to relax, unwind and also re-ignite my passion for this blog. 

In the meantime… this is what a typical day has been like for me: 

6.30am alarm goes off – hit snooze 

6.39am alarm goes off again – hit snooze again 

Repeat until gone 7am when I reluctantly get up, showered and dressed. Most days, I do not bother to do my hair, leaving it to dry naturally, or do my make up (aka look like I’m an extra from the Walking Dead). 

8.30am breakfast 

9.00am morning check in with work and then the school work/my work balance begins 

12pm kids demand lunch at this exact time every single day. Since 9.30am they’ve been asking what the time is. Usually I’ve relented and allowed a snack at around 10.30am.  

3pm school work ends and the kids can go and do something less strenuous like drawing, colouring, garden play etc. Usually this ends with them fighting twenty-seven times. 

4pm devices are now allowed… this is the second most exciting time of the day after lunchtime 

5pm tea time. Nine times out of ten something won’t be right with the meal I’ve made for them and one or both will refuse to eat it. I stand firm and refuse to give them anything else.  

6pm bath time 

7pm upstairs and relaxing activities – colouring, reading, drawing, playing a game (non-screen based!) 

Then we get into dangerous territory… 8pm should be bedtime, but they aren’t ready for it. Some nights, it has been gone 10pm before they’ve dropped off! 

All throughout the day and during the evening, I am still trying to finish all my work. Some days, I also have online tuition slots to fit it as well as my paid for writing gigs. I am also undertaking two level 6 courses, so squeezing in time to prepare for those has been challenging too. 

I’m exhausted just writing all of this down to be honest – I am shattered! For those of you calling for no summer holidays, I’d like to see you try to fit everything in – it’s been a nightmare. Yes, I’m a teacher and I can teach my children. However, when I teach a class of children, I am not also supposed to be doing another job at the same time. It’s impossible! 

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