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How To Support Your Children With A School Routine

School Routine

Now the kids are back to school in Leicester and other parts of the UK, and the long summer holidays are a distant memory, you will be looking for a way to make the school run less chaos. This begins with having an organised routine. 

You’ve possibly been there frantically searching the house to get their PE kit ready, checking their homework is packed and then having to almost jog the way to school gates to ensure that they aren’t late. This type of frantic morning whilst on occasion is unavoidable, can not only risk your child being late but can impact their state of mind and make them struggle to settle into their school day.

With a little know-how, these frantic mornings can become a thing of the past and that stressful atmosphere can be removed from your day. All you need to do is work with your child and create and stick to a routine.  

Get Organised The Night Before

Why give yourself a stressful morning when the tasks can be done the night before? By preparing their lunch, helping them pack their bag, iron any uniform the night before in the morning you only have the necessary tasks such as feeding them breakfast, getting them washed and dressed. 

You can also work with and encourage your child to help with this. This will help them develop their own personal sense of responsibility by delegating tasks such as getting their uniform out for tomorrow in preparation. 

Give Yourself Time In The Morning

To create a stress-free morning you and the children need to be awake with more than enough time to ensure that everything gets done before heading off to school. Think about how long it takes to get everyone firstly out of bed, dressed, hair and teeth brushed and breakfast eaten. Once that has been worked out, add on half an hour. This ensures that if something unexpected crops up it won’t cause any stress as there is ample time to get it resolved. And, if everything goes to plan and you have 30 minutes surplus the kids any either have a little relaxation time before school. 

Plan Your Morning

When it comes to having young children simple tasks such as getting dressed or choosing their own breakfast can become overcomplicated and end up costing valuable time if they aren’t handled successfully. In order to still allow your children to have a choice, you can provide options of ‘time friendly’ breakfast choices for them to choose from. This not only encourages them to make their own decisions and feel as though they are able to have what they want, but it also ensures that you are still in control. 

Have A Time Schedule

Having a set schedule on what time the children will wake, eat breakfast and then leave the home to set off for school will also make everyone’s morning more straightforward. Not only will you know what time each action is happening but so will they and the routine will become easier and easier to implement. 

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