Seven Activities that Also Make Perfect Summer Date Ideas

Whether as a parent you’re in a new relationship or you’re keen to keep the romance alive in a long-standing one, you could probably use some summer date ideas in the form of exciting and interesting activities.

Here are some date ideas that are a little more out of the box, but still won’t be too crazy to attempt on a child-free day, evening or, if you’re really lucky, weekend.

1. Stand Up Paddle Boarding

If you live near water (of pretty much any kind), why not try a physical activity like stand up paddle boarding. Unless you fall in, you can remain fully dressed in normal clothing, so it doesn’t require the same type of commitment that something like snorkelling might. Everyone can go at their own pace, and you can get a little workout in while you’re at it. Plus, being at the water and all, you can always switch over to sunbathing for relaxing when you get tired.

2. Hit the Drive In

Although drive ins have been around forever in the USA, they’re sort of a lost art worth reviving right now and as such, the UK seems to be hosting quite a few ‘open air’ or ‘drive in’ movie experiences. If you’re unsure if anywhere nearby offers such a thing, look on Facebook for outdoor movie screenings in parks and restaurants. There’s something about watching a movie outdoors that is decidedly romantic and date-like. Try not to argue about your choice of film, though, as this could be disastrous for any relationship. Plus you can usually bring your own food and drinks and get your picnic on.

3. Take a Day Trip

Choose a sunny Sunday and hit the road, either with a specific destination in mind or just to see where the road takes you. The adventuresome aspect of it will bring out the playful sides of your personalities which is always a great position to be in when you’re getting to know someone new or if you want to rekindle that spark. (And not to mention a great change from the serious work week vibe.)

4. Throw a BBQ Together

Who says all your dates have to be solo missions? Choose a spot to have a casual get together just for fun and invite all of your mutual friends. Do all the planning together, as well as set up and take down to make it a real bonding experience. Of course, feel free to ask your ask your friends to contribute as far as food and drinks go!

5. Head to the Fair

Maybe the local fair or carnival hasn’t been on your must-do list for a while, but it really is the perfect date spot. Who didn’t have fun at the fairground with a fit boy or girl on their summer date ideas list? The setting alone will bring back all your teen crush angst feelings, which really is fun and sort of adorable when you’ve actually got a partner by your side. Get swept up in the part of it that feels like secondary school, and let loose on the rides and cotton candy. Maybe your date will even win you a stuffed animal, just like you dreamt of as a teenager.

6. Pack a Picnic

Even if you’re just picnicking in your yard, it’s still a fun alternative to eating indoors or ordering a pizza for the third time this week. Choose a theme and then pick food and drinks accordingly. You can even each be on duty for different parts of the meal and surprise each other with what you brought a long. Turn on the music, and let the romantic evening commence.

To make this experience a two date one, you could also start it out with a trip to the farmer’s market. With or without a shopping list, the two of you can cruise around until you get all the ingredients necessary for your upcoming picnic feast. Two summer date ideas in one!

7. Hit Up Some Garage Sales

Whether or not you actually come up with anything worthwhile, checking out garage sales or vintage markets can be a fun way to spend a weekend morning. You’ll definitely have some good laughs along the way, and even if you don’t buy stuff you’ll still have lots of memories to take away with you.

You can also throw your own garage sale together if the two of you have some stuff you’ve been meaning to get rid of. It’s much easier to do with multiple people in charge, and it is also a lot more entertaining that way!

Do you have any unique ideas for keeping the dating interesting over the summer that you’d like to add to the list? Let us know your favourite summer date ideas, and if you end up trying any of these, let us know how they go!

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