“Knowledge is Power”, but we all learn it in a different way


To me, education is super important and valuable because, as they say, “knowledge is power”.  

However, education and learning comes in many forms and everyone has a different way of learning and retaining information – and, in my opinion, none of these ways is better or worse than others!

To understand this, I want to use me as an example: 

As a 2.1 graduate of Business Management (with Honours), I was well qualified to land almost any entry level sales, marketing, management, or finance role in Norwich when I graduated in 2009, but I didn’t.  

The truth is, even though I had a variety of part-time jobs while studying (so had the experience on top of my high level of education), I still couldn’t secure a job. Hundreds of interviews led to hundreds of knockbacks, and it led me to doubt the worthiness of the previous three years of my degree.

But fast-forward to today and I now know that the grade was not necessarily what made my education so worthwhile – it was the people, experience, knowledge and skills I gained through the whole process – meaning that the journey was more impactful to me and my career than the destination!

As another example, one incredible woman I know did not leave her education with a fancy university degree, as left school after her GCSEs due to becoming a mother to her first child.

At the time, I’m sure she didn’t see much future for her career. However, again, fast-forward to today and she has learned so much ‘on-the-job’ and worked her way up in the last four years to a CEO level position.  With the majority of her knowledge and skills being learned from her experience, self-study and commitment to progressing in her career, this confirms my original point that no ways of learning are better or worse, just different.

As some people learn well from formal study…

Some learn better vocationally…

Some can read and digest the content…

Others have to hear it, or physically do it, for it to fully sink in… 

This shows that around the world we are all different, which is why traditional systems of ‘one-size-fits-all’ education are a downfall for so many.

Serena Fordham

This is the main reason why I created HER Business Revolution, where my team and I offer business strategies, support, networking, training and empowerment for passionate and ambitious female entrepreneurs and women in business.  

We appreciate that a woman’s business is personal to her; therefore, our coaching, mentoring and training offer a varied approach to suit individual needs, plus our mixture of business training, networking, wellbeing and empowerment events mean that our members and guests can choose the objective and environment that’s right for them.

We also believe that educating people suited to their personal ways of learning makes for an all-round better society and world for us, and our future generations to come.

If you are a businesswoman or female entrepreneur, you can find out more about our fresh approach to education and events at or join our friendly online community at

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