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13th January – My Room 101

book on bed

If you’re reading this blog, it’s because I’m either ill or some emergency has cropped up.

I decided to write this when I challenged myself, just in case I had reason not to write one day. I don’t think it’s cheating necessarily… but I created the challenge, so the rules are mine too!

Let’s talk the things I would most definitely add into Room 101 never to resurface ever again.


I cannot stand the band Muse and never have. I remember when they first broke through into the music scene and they just sounded as though they were trying to replicate Radiohead. Badly. I’ve been unlucky enough to meet Matt (yes, I’ve called him by his proper name for once!) Bellamy on two occasions. 

The first was at Leeds Festival in the late ‘90s. I found him arrogant considering he had done nothing that pleased me in the slightest.
The second time was at a Hundred Reasons guest list only gig at the Camden Underworld. He walked into me. Yes, HE walked into ME. And then he just stared at me as if I was going to either a) apologise or b) say “Oh my goodness… you’re Matt Bellamy from Muse. Guess what I did… absolutely nothing but look back at him and then continue walking. 

Middle Laners

There is something so incredibly frustrating about driving on a motorway when a car pootling along at 60mph insists on sticking in the middle lane. What exactly is achieved from doing so? Nothing. Nothing at all except annoying all the other conscientious road users. The left hand lane is the one that all vehicles should use unless overtaking. It is that simple. 

Mobile Phones at Gigs (if they’re in use constantly)

There is no need to pay £30+ for a ticket to a gig if you are literally going to stand there and film the entire thing. Not only are YOU missing out, but everyone behind you also does. Watching a gig through someone else’s phone is really frustrating. I’ve often felt like swiping the phone out of someone’s hand and telling them I’ll return it to them at the end if they behave themselves for the rest of the lesson… ahem, I mean gig.
Also annoying are the people who stand there while a band is playing and just constantly take selfies of themselves. Ok, so you might not appreciate the support act, or you might have only been interested in the warm up band, but chatting and messing around shows a real lack of respect. 

Personal Space Invaders

I really struggle when people stand too close to me when we are having a conversation. I usually attempt to step backwards or to the side, leaving one foot sort of diagonal in front of me. It looks awkward, but I’d rather effective at leaving an adequate distance between me and the invader. 

Public transport is another place that I struggle with this. Yes, I understand that we ought to cram ourselves in to the tube carriages or move to the back on a bus, but I don’t like being too close to people I don’t know. The worst thing is during the summer when I am wearing a t-shirt and someone’s arm brushes against mine. It really gives me the creeps and I usually shudder. Yuck! 

Food Intolerances

Right now, I’m craving a massive slice of chocolate cream cake or some moist lemon drizzle cake. Unfortunately, I know there’s absolutely zero chance of me finding anything wheat free, dairy free and egg free that would satisfy that craving. Although I know things could be a lot worse, I am feeling sorry for myself more often than not when I think of all the things I used to be able to eat without even thinking. Nowadays, everything takes a lot more planning. 

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