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Boredom Striking Again in Your House? Five Suggestions for Kids (and Wannabe Kids)

boredom striking again

Kids have a knack of getting bored very quickly, and it can be draining trying to work out how to reverse it.  

Having spoken to plenty of friends who are parents, it seems as though we all face the same issues, regardless of our parenting styles. Staying at home, the school holidays, or the weekends, there is a guarantee that you will have heard the words “I’m bored” muttered at some point. As parents, we want to do what we can to keep our children happy, stimulated, and entertained, but we can often run out of ideas. You may have been out for a walk already, so what can you do when boredom strikes in your house?  

Here are five suggestions perfect for kids, whatever their age.  

  1. Board games  

You may be wanting to avoid encouraging them to be on tablets or game consoles for long periods of time, but board games can be something they can enjoy. If they have siblings, you can encourage them to play together or even set up a game for the whole family to be involved in. Board games are not usually the “go-to” solution when your children want to do something, so it can be a bit of novelty to play some of the old classics like snakes and ladders or monopoly. If you look online, you will find some new games you could also try, such as Clock It – a race-against-the-clock family game.   

  1. Make an indoor or outdoor den 

Another thing you could suggest your kids do would be to make a den. They can create one indoors using blankets, tables, chairs, or outside by foraging for sticks and other materials in the garden. The great thing about this is that they can be occupied making it, and then enjoy doing something inside them as well, such as reading a book, watching a film, or playing a board game.  

  1. Bake or cook 

Not everyone enjoys having their kids helping in the kitchen, but it can be a great way to pass the time in an afternoon. Baking a cake or allowing them to help with the evening meal can occupy your children and give them a chance to learn something as well. If you don’t bake or cook with your children often, this could feel like a real treat. The added bonus is the yummy treat at the end of it. Of course, some children just like the process and not the outcome. In our household, we love both! 

  1. A movie afternoon  

A film usually lasts well over an hour, so if your kids are bored, why not suggest a movie afternoon? Think ahead of time, have a stash of snacks like popcorn and drinks, and then pull them out when you settle down to watch the movie. Blankets, cosy lights, and comfy clothes can make this very relaxing. It could also give you some time to do something else or even take some time out for yourself like reading a book or, if you’re like me, you might like to wrap up underneath the blanket and enjoy the film as well (or fall asleep – which is what I’m known for!).  

  1. Art and crafts 

Finally, many children love the opportunity to do some crafting or art, so if they feel bored, why not suggest an activity? You could have some ideas stored on platforms like Pinterest or just pull out the pens, pencils, or paints and let them get creative. Some parents are not so keen on the mess, but crafting could keep your children occupied for a while and have them off their tech.  

Let’s hope this has given you some ideas for when boredom strikes in your house. We’d love to know what works for your kids.

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