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Engaging and Fun Learning: Three Suggestions

Learning new things — whether as a child or as an adult — can go a long way in helping to unlock new possibilities and horizons, and to help to unlock your potential in life. Ultimately, fun learning is…

Encourage Children to Play
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Why You Should Encourage Children to Play and How to Do So

Parents, child care professionals, and education professionals alike all understand that most children enjoy playing. Children will naturally start playing from being toddlers and continue playing throughout their childhood.  However, play isn’t just fun. Encouraging children to play provides…

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How Hard is Handwashing Hygiene?

More than half of parents admit it’s a battle to get their children to wash their hands. A poll of 2,000 mums and dads of 3–16-year-olds has found they struggle to get their youngsters to wash their hands before…

Lifelong Learning

How Lifelong Learning Will Benefit You

One of the most important things you can do in life is to continuously develop new skills. Lifelong learning offers huge benefits to you. When you have a variety of skills, you are able to take on new opportunities…

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Bedtime Routine Tips Straight From Your Children

Ahead of the Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games, Olympic athlete Greg Rutherford MBE explains how adults can replicate a child’s bedtime routine and why sleep matters. Greg’s bedtime routine includes at least 45 minutes of ‘no screen time’, a…

Through My Eyes

My 2021: A Year In Review

As I’m writing this, I’m finding it challenging to accept that my 2021 has already been and gone. Sometimes, I still feel as though the millennium has only just happened, and I’m still a teenager. Dear 2021, What can…