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7th January – One Week into 2020

One Week into 2020

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” William Shakespeare

Today marks a whole week of 2020 – how did that happen so quickly? It does not seem like five seconds since we were watching the London fireworks on the television, playing Cards against Humanity and sharing shots of Jägermeister!

Today, I reflect on one week of 2020 and what I have achieved so far.

Valuable Time with my Daughters

When I saw my girls again on New Year’s Day, my youngest said, “Mummy – you look so beautiful. I’ve really missed you so much!” I could have cried. Not only did I know she was after something (my aforementioned celebrations meant I looked pretty awful!), but I also knew that she was capable of melting my heart with just a few words. She is constantly expressing her love for me and we share cuddles on a regular basis. Lying in bed with one daughter either side of me, laughing about funny experiences; sharing stories of the holidays; asking each other questions, and singing songs together: those things mean so much to me. 

Stretching the Budget

Christmas is a time notorious for overspending. This year, although I honestly thought I had reduced things, was no exception. In January so far, I have managed to spend very little. I have used many things that we already had in the freezer, cupboard and fridge, making meals from scratch. Sometimes, we put off using ingredients because we lack inspiration. However, it could be viewed in a different way: as a challenge! If you have an excess of tins of chickpeas, search for five different recipes you’d like to try. Opt for ones where you have to shop for very few additional items. Roast them in the oven along with some spices for a quick and easy snack. 

My budgeting has not solely related to food. Pinterest is a huge hobby (yes, I know it’s sad!) of mine and I love to pin things linked to home décor. I love quirky, kitsch, original upcycling and repurposing. I have ambitions of creating a gallery wall, but am refusing to splash out. Instead, I have gathered old frames that I no longer use and have been gifted some too. My plan (watch this space) is to spray paint the frames in either black, magenta or teal (possibly some of each) and use to display photos of our crazy family dynamics in the stairwell… time will tell!

Re-started my Blossom Tuition Sessions

I started tuition again on Friday 3rd and had a great time. We chatted about Christmas, but also had fun and games with maths. It’s always fantastic to see enthusiasm. Yesterday was my first proper day back in routine, with two of my pupils, and we got so much done. 

Back to Work

I returned to work yesterday and, despite the headache, all went well. It’s always a bit of a worry getting back into the swing of things, but I needn’t have been concerned because it was like I’d never been away. I am very lucky to work with some amazingly supportive people and so, although it is a challenge to go back and give up lie ins and snooze-filled days, this makes things a little easier for me.

Being the Better Person

Life has a habit of throwing bad things at you just when you think that the situation is improving. I feel like I have an invisible shield around me at times, always expecting more to be propelled in my direction. This week hasn’t been any different to a normal week if I’m honest. However, I always try to consider the bigger picture and that negativity serves no purpose to me, only impacting on my anxiety. So, what did I do? I became the bigger and better person. I offered advice when I could have stayed silence. I helped when I could have remained static. I gave friendly words when all I wanted to do was share diatribe. 

Planning Ahead

I’ve been excitedly planning the coming months. This hasn’t been on purpose, merely me responding enthusiastically to the announcement of a Doncaster Racecourse gig for Shed Seven. Oh and the opening of the ballot for the Great North Run. Although I already have a half marathon coming up in March in the form of the London Landmarks Half, a challenge will do me good. I am not really race fit at the moment, missing Zumba tonight because of a dodgy knee, but my mind is fit enough and so I’m imagining myself finishing!When you type out the main things you’ve done in just a week, it really does seem like quite a lot. What have you done with your first week of the new year and new decade?

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