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1st January 2020 – the Challenge

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“The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.”  Molière

Life without a challenge? Well, that would be rather monotonous, wouldn’t it? I guess someone looked at my life and decided that I would live by that assumption. I’ve never been one to take the easy path because I do enjoy pushing myself, even if I declare the complete opposite at times. 

So, what’s my January challenge all about then? I have decided to plough a lot of my efforts into ensuring that I blog on a daily basis. I am not someone who’d be happy to publish a half-hearted effort just to say I have accomplished my challenge. Fifty words about having a crappy day because someone used my milk at work would not equate to success in my view. No, these blog posts must share insight into my life (which largely centres around parenting and teaching, as my regular readers will know).  

I will also be attempting to post a photo from the day too. Today’s photo is one my partner took of me while we were seeing in the New Year. It’s rather random, but quirky is me through and through, so why not? Perhaps, we could just call it arty and that would be acceptable.  

Why did I decide to do it? Writing is a great passion of mine, but, unless I’m getting paid to do it, it can take a backseat to everything else in my busy life. However, for January (at least), I’m going to place more emphasis on the art of writing. I am currently writing a book as well, so setting aside time for this too will be valuable. 

I’d like to wish all of my readers a very happy new year and really hope that your dreams come true. 2020 seems to have come around in the blink of an eye as it doesn’t seem ten minutes since the last New Year’s Day.  

Please come back and visit every day to find out all about my life, its challenge and, indeed, this challenge too – wish me luck! 

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