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Traditional children’s hobbies have been replaced by modern phenomena such as computer and mobile games

Traditional children’s hobbies

Traditional children’s hobbies have been replaced by modern phenomena such as computer and mobile games, according to research.

Watching TV or YouTube are both more popular than reading books or playing with toys.

And building dens only came ninth on the top 10 list of children’s current hobbies, with other pastimes like playing conkers or roller skating not placing at all.

However, while model making and climbing trees are hobbies of the past, the research also found collecting remains a popular pastime.

In fact, more than half of modern kids are currently collecting items for fun.

The poll of 1,000 7-12-year-olds, commissioned by Sainsbury’s, found the most popular collectables for children are stuffed toys (43 per cent) followed by cards (42 per cent) and stickers (38 per cent).

Half are driven by the desire to see how far they can grow a collection, and 59 per cent enjoy swapping with friends.

In fact, 56 per cent of kids swap items just to stay involved with what their friends are up to.

Forty three per cent said their longest standing collections make them feel proud and 38 per cent look forward to showing it off to their friends.

Mark Given, chief marketing officer of Sainsbury’s, which commissioned the study, said: “The joy on children’s faces in store when they realise how close they are to completing their card collection brings back my own memories of collecting as a child.

“I think we can all remember that excitement.

“We’re very proud to be able to keep this traditional children’s hobby alive with the Disney Heroes collectors’ cards and albums at Sainsbury’s.”

The study also found more than half of children say they enjoy hobbies that feature their favourite characters more than other activities.

Eight in 10 of those polled, via OnePoll, also report they’ve been encouraged by their parents to see a collection through to completion.

Mark Given added: “While it’s a shame to see building jigsaw puzzles and dens are not as popular as they were when I was a child, it’s reassuring to know that the joy of collecting is well and truly alive.”

Top 10 most popular hobbies for children today:

1. Watching TV
2. Watching YouTube videos
3. Reading books
4. Playing computer games
5. Watching streaming services
6. Playing with toys
7. Playing mobile games
8. Cooking
9. Building dens
10. Building jigsaws

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