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Rockfit: a fitness revolution

Rockfit: a fitness revolution

Anyone who knows me will recognise just how much I adore Zumba. 

I love attending classes, following the moves of my amazing instructor, seeing my family (there’s such a big community who do feel more like family!) and dancing without a care in the world. Of course, there are countless health benefits too. However, I’d be lying if I said I loved the music (although I am partial to a bit of Starships from time to time). 

From a young age, we would listen to AC/DC whilst eating our Sunday roast. I was 13 when I went to my first gig; a real indie chick. I still am although I enjoy rock as well. When I heard about Rockfit months before lockdown, I was disappointed as there were no classes anywhere near. I was desperate to try it and, despite being a pretty challenging time for many reasons, this worldwide pandemic actually offered me something positive. Rockfit classes were online, and I got to try them!

Unfortunately, my fitness has really deteriorated. Being mum, teacher, tutor and writer, but all pretty much at the same time, was challenging, almost impossible. I guess I could have changed things around again and tried to squeeze in a proper amount of exercise – after all, it is possible to work out without a gym or fitness class. I tried to prioritise, and, as a result, my diet became poor, and my exercise was almost non-existent. Not one to give up (I’m a stubborn northerner, remember?), I began to add more physical activity back into my life. I have no excuse now I’m on school holiday! Rockfit is just one thing I am doing… and loving!

There are three tiers of online membership:

Tier 1: Rookie Rocker. £10 per month, which gives you four classes in total (one per week). 

Tier 2: Mid-level Metaller. £18 per month, which gives you eight classes in total (two per week) and a bonus 30-minute Rockfit Xtreme class.

Tier 3: Ultimate Rockstar. £25 per month, which gives you eight classes in total (two per week), two 30-minute Rockfit Xtreme classes, access to all classes in the back catalogue and a discount on merchandise. 

Created by fiery-haired Hannah Hawkey, Rockfit offers a super all-round workout. For me, I enjoyed all elements: cardio, dance and toning. Hannah always offers a couple of different options, so if you have a twinge or you are working yourself back to full fitness, you can do a lower impact version. 

Whether you are a fan of Queen or Slipknot, Marilyn Manson or Alice Cooper, you will enjoy rocking out whilst burning the calories. Today’s workout saw me singing along to Welcome to the Jungle. I’m not quite sure how I managed to combine that with exercising. I think I’m going to hurt tomorrow…but I now feel as though I’m back in control. Things are improving in all areas of life, and I am putting me higher on my priority list, giving myself some vital me-time once again! Maybe I’ll be adventurous and try online Yoga next… 

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