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8th January – Time for a Swim

time for a swim

“Swimming is a confusing sport, because sometimes you do it for fun, and other times you do it not to die.” Demetri Martin

Swimming is a skill that I have always wanted to ensure my children have. Imogen was born in the water and began lessons at just a few months old. She loved it. Unfortunately, when Evelina was born, I couldn’t manage both of them at lessons, so Imogen took a while off lessons.

At the age of three, Imogen began lessons again. She had a year of classes with one instructor and made very little progress. Unfortunately, it felt like wasted time. She was petrified of the water, struggled to even attempt to swim without buoyancy aids and an adult holding her; action was needed. During that summer, we managed to get a 1:1 lesson with Reann from Little Snappers. With just thirty minutes of intense swimming instruction, the progress was huge. She became so much more confident and even began swimming, with no adult and just a few foam armbands. It was emotional for me. I had watched one Sunday after another after another, fear in her eyes and zero confidence. One person changed that forever in just half an hour. Incredible. 

When Reann was able to fit Imogen in for lessons permanently, I was over the moon. In just a couple of months, she was swimming without any aids at all. Wow! As soon as we could, we got Evelina into regular lessons. She is confident in the water and has got her 5m badge. 

Colin’s children now have swimming lessons with Mike at Little Snappers too. Again, we have two boys who went from zero confidence to now being able to swim short distances unaided. I would highly recommend the company to anyone. Swimming on holiday was much easier knowing that fears had been overcome, but safety was a consideration for all. They understand that while swimming is fun, it also offers lots of possible dangers too. 

The final lesson of each time involves some fun. For the younger children, the inflatable crocodile makes an appearance. For the older children, they created rafts using some of the buoyancy aids. Memories of their childhood are definitely created in these classes. 

So, Wednesday is swimming day and today marks their first lesson back after the Christmas break. The children always look forward to their lessons. A chance for them to learn a vital life skills, but also an opportunity for them to expend some energy and have some extra-curricular fun. 

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