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16th January – Halfway Through

16th January - Halfway Through

We are now halfway through January. It may be clichéd, but I genuinely cannot believe how quickly the days are flying by. Soon it’ll be a month since Christmas Day and then it’ll be the second month of the year. 

I’d like to reflect on the positives of 2020 so far and what has been achieved. 

I’m still alive. 

This may sound an odd statement to begin with, but so many people wish they could go on living but lose the fight. I’m lucky to be on this earth and I need to celebrate my life far more than I tend to. Ok, so my health may not always be in the best of states, mental and physical, but I exist and I am in a far better position than I was a year or so ago. 

I’ve seen good in people.

On social media, I have seen people giving selflessly to support others. For some, it’s been giving money to send a young girl abroad for potentially lifesaving treatment. For others, it’s been donating food and clothing to those in need. Outside of what I’ve seen on Facebook, in the real world I guess, I’ve seen people working together for the greater good. It’s always heartwarming to see people wanting to do good and help others less fortunate. A good number of the people I’ve witnessed doing exceptional things have been those who have far less than they’d need to be classed as living comfortably. Even with their own personal struggles, knowing that they can spare a little to help someone else is really selfless and kind. 


I’ve felt proud. 

Both of my daughters continue to make me proud on a daily basis. They learn new things every day and do well in school. They make me laugh, sometimes to them point of tears streaming down my face. Those girls are worth every ounce of pain and worry I feel each day. 

Aside from my daughters, I sat with my partner’s youngest and we went over some of her sounds for her phonics practice. She showed an interest in letter formation for the first time. When that happens, you grab the opportunity with both hands and I taught her to write the first letter of her name. She was so incredibly proud of herself and kept doing it over and over again. The pride she had in herself was brilliant and made me feel proud too. 

And I’ve also felt pride for something my partner is doing right now. I’ll blog about it in detail at a later date, but I am in awe of his stepping out of his comfort zone and aiming high. 

I’ve been accepted onto a careers leader course. 

Although the course officially started in October, I will be starting it at the end of January. I am beyond excited as continued professional development is so important to me. Working in special education, opportunities are far more limited, so I jumped at the chance to do this. More on this over the coming months, I’m sure! 

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