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12 Educational Attractions in England Perfect for Kids

Educational Attractions

Looking for an educational yet entertaining way to spend time with your children? Well, I have 12 attractions that might fit the bill.

Let’s face it, occupying the children when they are not at school is no easy task. With summer holidays just round the corner, you may be dreading it (especially after such a challenging year and a bit). Even the weekends can cause you to hear those dreaded words “I’m bored” more times than you would like. While you want to head out somewhere, you might also want to ensure that where you go will give your children something to think about. This is where educational attractions can make such a difference. 

With that in mind, here are some of the best educational attractions in England. But before jumping in the car and heading there, remember to check out restrictions to see whether you need to book in advance. 

If your children love science and technology

Some children are intrigued when it comes to understanding how things work, science and even technology. So, finding an education attraction that will appease their need for science could be on the cards. Thankfully, there are several different ones available in England. Here are some of the best science and technology attractions to try. 

Science museum – London – One of the best science museums in the UK. There are many exhibits dedicated to sharing some incredible discoveries. 

Museum of Science and Industry – Manchester – Here you will find all things science and industry and it is likely to cover all possible interests your child might have. This museum has plenty of interactive exhibits to explore. 

Jodrell Bank – Cheshire – A more unique attraction in Cheshire. It is a Garde I listed Lovell telescope. 

Eureka Museum – Halifax – A hands-on, interactive museum with so many opportunities for learning through play and at a child’s level. I visited when I was a kid, and I adored it… a story for another time, but it is also the precise reason for my fear of stilt-walkers. 

If your children are fascinated by history 

There are some children who are fascinated with history. Whether it is historical sites or learning about different periods in the past. There are some incredible historical attractions in England. Here are a few of the ones to consider. 

Stonehenge – Wiltshire – A lot of children learn about the stone age period and are interested in this period of history, so Stonehenge could be a great option to consider. 

Natural History Museum – London – Whether they love the Jurassic period or want to learn about Ancient Egypt, this museum in London has you covered. 

If your children are interested in climate change and the environment 

Climate change and the environment are big news at the moment, and your child may have more knowledge of it than you realise. So, it could be time to consider feeding their interest and checking out this attraction in Cornwall. 

Eden Project – Cornwall – This attraction covers everything from climate change to natural sciences and is a very interactive educational attraction to consider. One of the big highlights would be the pavilion. 

If your children are wanting to know more about media 

The media is a big part of our lives right now, and if it is not entertainment on Tv then it is learning about social media and the effects it can have on our lives. So, you may be wanting to fuel their thirst for knowledge on this subject and consider one of these attractions. 

Warner Bros Studio Tour – If your child is interested in film and media productions then experiencing the Warner Bros Studio tour could be a great day out. It is focused on the making of the Harry Potter films, but it does give a lot of insight into how those films were produced. 

National Media Museum – Bradford – There are eight floors of exhibits to explore here. You will find information on TV, film, and media, and what the future might hold. 

Other options to consider

There are many other educational attractions you might want to consider. Here are a few more suggestions to help:

The National Railway Museum – York 

National Space Centre – Leicester

World Museum – Liverpool 

And these unusual museums in London

Let’s hope this has given you plenty of inspiration for some of the best educational attractions in England perfect for kids. 

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