This or That? More about me

snow village

Since returning to work, I’ve been struggling to find the time to blog as much as I would like to.

However, I’ve sat down and decided to answer a whole list of ‘this or that?’ questions based on these from Ashleigh Writes. Hopefully, they’ll give you a broader insight into some of my likes and dislikes!

Cookies or cake? I’ve always been a huge fan of cake… especially chocolate cake. Oh and Battenberg too! Although I did make a strawberry and amaretto cake with freshly whipped cream a few months ago, and that was delicious!

Cat or dog? Neither. I’m allergic to both. Dogs tend to jump up at me while I’m running and I can’t stand that. And cats are just so unpredictable, clawing you for no reason whatsoever.

Pop music or rock music? This is probably the easiest one of the lot… definitely ROCK! Manic Street Preachers are my all-time favourite band.

Pancakes or waffles? I like both, but would probably choose pancakes at a push – although it does depend on the toppings available.

Hot chocolate or coffee? Definitely hot chocolate, although it is very rare for me to want a hot drink.

Morning or evening? Evening. I hate getting up on a morning!

Day or night? Day – I love to sleep!

Text message or call? Text messages… they are so much quicker and easier. For someone with anxiety, they just make sense!

Library or museums? It would depend entirely on the museum. I love books, but could spend longer in a museum that interests me.

Summer or winter? I hate hay fever, so I would probably choose winter over summer.

Theatre or cinema? Theatre – but both are so overpriced, it is rare for me to go to either.

Book or movie? If the film is one based on a book, I like to read the book first. However, given how little time I have these days, I would pick watching a film over reading a book.

Tea or coffee? Neither! Although I apparently make a good cup of Yorkshire Tea.

Coca Cola or Pepsi? Neither! I don’t like cola. Give me lemon Fanta or Lilt any day!

Strawberry and amaretto cake with freshly whipped cream

Rain or snow? Snow, for sure. However, there is something rather refreshing about running in the rain.

Car or motorcycle? Car for sure!

Comedy or horror? I enjoy both, but can’t find a partner in crime to watch horror these days, so I would choose comedy.

Reading or writing? I love the escapism attached to both reading and writing, but if I had to pick one, it would be writing.

Phone or computer? No contest: definitely my phone!

Doctor Who or The Walking Dead? David Tennant incarnation was my favourite period of Doctor Who, but the Walking Dead is simply amazing – I love the friendship between Daryl and Carol!

Manic Street Preachers, Birmingham, April 2018

Straight or curly hair? I love it when my hair is done for me with a curl, but I can’t replicate it myself. A messy bun has to be my go-to look, but not really through choice, but pure laziness!

McDonalds or Burger King? Neither!

Facebook or Twitter? Facebook as I have more friends who use it.

Comedy or drama? Comedy!

Being too warm or too cold? I am a proper northerner and really struggle with the heat. I prefer to be too cold than too warm. Pasta or pizza? Pasta – I adore it! Life without pasta wouldn’t be worth living.

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