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The Ultimate Guide to Successful Co-Parenting


Parenting is usually challenging, but it becomes even harder when you add all the feelings and the challenges associated with separation.

Co-parenting is never easy for many people, and it can sometimes feel impossible to do. However, regardless of the type of relationship you have with your ex-partner, the wellbeing of your child must come first. Co-parenting can be hard, so you need to know where to start and what to do to make it successful.

Have Open and Flexible Schedules

Kids are the ones who suffer every time you and your partner argue about the visitation plans in front of them. You might have a court-ordered parenting datebook, but are you going to deny the other parent the chance to take the kids to a ball game or even watch their favourite tv show together? Absolutely no! Your kids come first, especially if you know they will enjoy the other parent’s company. So let them go, and they will thank you when they grow up for giving them that liberty.

Get the Help of a Lawyer

It is entirely possible to co-parent without necessarily going to court. However, negotiating and planning for successful co-parenting can be complicated and complex; therefore, consider getting the help of divorce solicitors.

Have Clear Communication

This might be obvious, but never use your children as mediators. As much as they can deliver the wrong message, they are also bound to witness all the negativity experienced by both parents when giving or receiving the message. If your child delivers a message to you from the other parent, stay calm and be collected. Never bust out in feelings in front of them. Instead, wait until your kids are gone and give the parent a call to address the problem as calmly as you can. Don’t raise your voice loud enough that your kids will hear the two of your arguing.

Be Empathetic

As earlier stated, co-parenting is never an easy thing. But if you want to navigate through the complexities successfully, try placing yourself in the kids’ and the other parent’s shoes. Try feeling what they feel. Kids might start missing the other parent, so allow them to voice their feelings. Understand that the other parent is not only your ex but also a co-parent. The children love them too, so act accordingly and don’t be selfish.  

Have Ground Rules

The transition of your child from one home to another needs to be easy and stress-free as possible. As much as you both want to have different parenting styles, the basic behavioural rules must be the same. Consider agreeing with your ex on important issues like homework, bedtime, requirements, and the expected discipline.

Update Each Other

When it comes to co-parenting, both of you are entitled to information about your children. This will be regarding things like education, health issues, and legal troubles, among many others. As a co-parent, never try to conceal such things from the other parent.

Whenever you get your kid’s report card, ensure that you send a copy to your ex. Also, when your child gets sick, give the other co-parent a call and let them know. These things are some of the simple gestures that will grow the trust between you and your ex-partner.


Constantly interacting with your ex-partner is not always the ideal situation. However, your kids must always come first. You can help your children recover after a divorce by co-parenting successfully. These tips can help you give your children security, stability, and a close relationship with both you and the other parent.

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